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The other day we (re)watched one of the Mummy movies. One of my favorite scenes is when the kid drove his captor crazy on a train ride by asking Are we there yet? It totally cracks me up every time. I understand the man's extreme aggravation by that phrase! In fact, it's one of the forbidden lines in my family. Really.

In the past year or so we've spent a fair bit of time on the road. Our longest trip was last December. Five kids, two adults, and a monkey, in one van from Illinois to Arizona. Thank God for 15 passenger vans!

All those miles and the only time I heard Are we there yet? was when it was said jokingly to harass me. But their body language said all...

Of course, at the beginning of the trip everyone is eager to get on the road. But it doesn't take long before this happens...


Reading a good book.

Dad likes it comfy cool in the van...much to Mom and Toby's dismay. When Toby was in the first bench seat, this is how he ended up. Bundled in his blankies. LoL.

Lotsa picture taking.
Pictures inside the van and outside the van.

Time to draw and write.

Toby's second favorite place to ride--the top of Mom's seat where he could keep an eye on everyone and everything.

Play stop. Yes, those are my kids on the playground meant for LITTLE kids.

Because you're never too old to play on a playground. (This one was just a couple weeks shy of turning 20 in this picture! LoL)

Status update time...

Why'd ya wake me up?

Are we there??

Craziness of all kinds!
All's fair and love and war. hehe.
This is where Mom whispers desperately, Are we there yet?

Touch my seat and I'll tell Mom.
Go ahead.
I dare ya.

Yay!! Rest stop! Wahoo!

Movie time. Computers and tablets are great on long trips!

My husband is great.

So, can you tell how I spend all my time when we're traveling?

LoL. Give me a monkey and a camera and I'm happy for hours on end. Good thing too because writing with a monkey on my lap is almost impossible since Toby likes to lick the pen and paper and play with the pen. sigh.

Toby's Are we there yet? look.


Guess what?
Okay, besides how much fun this mom's revenge has been. LoL

We made it to Grammy and Pappy's!!

So tell me, how does your family fight the Are we there yet? syndrome?

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  1. I love seeing that Toby gets to ride in the car with the family-how cute!

    My family of 4 rarely did trips so I have no tales to relate to, but sure we must have said this on our local outings!

    1. Oh yes, Toby LOVES going for rides and long trips. He loves the attention. LoL.

      Our traveling seems to go in spurts--we won't go any where for a few years, then go on two trips in short order. It's weird but oh well. =]


  2. You have a monkey?! Great pics!

    1. Hi Tom! Yes, we have a monkey. He's my baby and a lot of fun. Okay, and he's a lot of work too. LoL.

      So glad you're joining us!! =]

  3. Soooo funny! And I can hear your wicked laugh of glee as you prepared this post!

    The question for us is "how much longer" - which means the same thing - but Andrew, especially, likes to watch the clock. So estimates keep him at bay a bit. We've got two longer than usual trips in the next month - will see how it goes.

    SO fun, girlie!

    1. Oh yes, I was laughing the whole time I worked on this post. It was FUN to sort through the thousands of pictures from that trip, and to find these gems made it all the better. hehe.

  4. Thanks for sharing another fun post. Loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful family! Toby is adorable!!!

    1. I kinda overdid it on pictures but I was having fun. LoL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita.
      Hugs!!! =]

  5. Love the pictures. I'm smiling. I so remember one family car trip we took when i was 11. We reached home and I said proudly to my family, "I didn't say, 'Are we there yet?' once! My sister replied, "Yeah but you sure were looking at the map a lot. What's the difference?" Ah the joys of being the baby in the family! I guess I discovered maps are a way to know for myself whether we are there yet. I still like reading maps though.

    Thanks for sharing your family car trip with us!

    1. Karen, I did the same thing and I still do it now--I love following along on the map. Love it. I always wondered why this or that curve wasn't on the map or why there were more curves in the road than there was on the map. (ooooooh, what a lesson there for me!! Must mull that one over!)

      So glad we're on this journey together! =]

  6. Whoo! Hoo! I figured out how to do it the first time around. :) Looking forward to the fun adventure ahead of us.


    1. YAY Jodie!! Way to go! So glad you're joining us! This will be a fun adventure! =]

  7. Cracks me up that you are not normal! Toby!!! How cute is he?

    We always said, "Five more minutes." Then one day they figure out that it wasn't five more minutes. Quite a discussion followed that discovery.

    1. LoLoLoL. No, we are NOT normal. But that's okay. We love it. Besides, why be normal?

      Yeah, I bet that led a big discussion! They'll probably say the same thing to their kids and snicker. =]

  8. There's that saying that getting there is part of the journey. Not for me. I'd rather just get there.

    Your monkey cracks me up every time I see him!


    1. Usually I like to just get there too--otherwise the trip drags out forever sometimes. With so many of us in the van though, well, it gets interesting however long it takes. LoL.

  9. Both my children (they're adults, now, and live hours away) are talkative, and that's being generous. Especially my son. Once on a long trip, my husband said, "Let's play the quiet game." "What's that?" my son asked. "It's a game to see who can be the quietest the longest." There was actually some blessed silence for one minute when my son said, "See, I can play this game." Another minute of silence. "Am I winning?" And on and on. You get the picture. Loved trips with my kids, though. I miss them.

    1. Oh Susan! That cracks me up!! What a fun story! LoL.

  10. Oh LOL. This is hilarious! That looks like it was one really crazy trip.

    This will sound so ridiculous, but I've actually never had that problem. The main issue with me on a long trip is to get me out of the car. I'd prefer to stay there with headphones plugged in my ears, staring out the window--even when we stop at a rest stop or restaurant. I might read or write a little bit, but it depends on if I'm riding in a car or a van. Otherwise, I'll sleep. With my headphones in, sometimes. and Woe betide the charming idiot that wakes me before I'm ready to be "up". Especially if you're within "whapping" distance. :P Hilarious post, Peej!

  11. I would LOVE to be a stow-away on one of your road trips. Toby and I could have some really meaningful conversations! Love seeing your family. And thanks for bringing the meme back. (I did finally get my post in :)


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