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My family is NOT a quiet family. We all have strong personalities and even the two of us who appear "easygoing" are not--it's just a thin layer of easygoing over a mile-wide stubborn streak. Needless to say, tempers flash often here.

One day, recently, one of my sons came stomping into the house. He wears big boots so everyone knew he was ticked. Even Toby. Being the loving, kind, gentle mother that I am NOT, I wanted to get through his thick skull and remind him there were better ways to handle his anger.

Thankfully, the girls were goofy and their goofiness infected me right before he snarled "Yeah? How?!" (or I might have snarled back at him in my best mean-mom voice)

I said the first thing I could think of...


It worked better than magic.
His anger fizzled and the girls giggled.
Music to this mom's ears.

So, the next time you're tempted to blow your top, try Bummer! instead. And for extra oomph, get the twang in there too.  The short version is sooooo much better. LoL.

And that anger management tip I learned from Tim Hawkins. Here's just a short minute-and-a-half clip of the song that still makes me snicker...even while listening to the long version by ol' Gordon. (Thank you Tim for making something good from poor Edmond Fitzgerald! LoL)

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  1. Oh that's a good one, Patty! Bummer. Made me laugh. But hey, creative parenting is what keeps things lively! ;-]

  2. Made me smile, hope I can remember this one.

  3. That's one of my words, too. Never thought to use it to diffuse anger. The video made me laugh.

  4. Great video clip. I have to make sure to share it with my music-loving hubby when he gets home :)

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I liked the Tim Hawkins video. We are off to a Greek taverna for dinner before boarding the plane for the flight home. I hoping to find a "B" post at dinner or maybe our walk around bay. Oh..."Bay"...Love you

  6. Love it!!!! AS a child of the 70s bummer was my favorite word.

  7. That IS a great way to diffuse anger... and if you live with the over-dramatic type, it's a great response to those tales that you KNOW are blown out of proportion!


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