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Life for me has morphed into a series of taxi and delivery trips. For the most part I've accepted it and simply roll with it. (LoL. Pun intended.) The problem came on a day when my trips dropped from three trips to two to one trip out. I truly thought I had it made in the shade, complete with koolaid to celebrate. I just knew I would make great progress on my writing goals for the week.

I was so excited and could barely wait for my house to empty so I could get to work. I had it all planned out...

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That's when the bomb detonated. I was left coated with the slimy, stinky, yucky doodoo of a rotten attitude.

I'm not one to get hung up on getting my own way. Really I'm not. But I couldn't have proven that on that day. In fact, evidence suggested that I delude myself into thinking I'm laid back and willing to flex and roll as needed.

It took me six hours to do what needed doing, consuming the majority of my usable day. I was so disappointed. And mad.

My rotten attitude came from clinging to what I wanted to do and it landed me in deep doodoo. It's not a fun place to be.

Doodoo stinks and the stench clings to you for awhile even after you've walked away and scraped it off. The stink of doodoo cancels out the fragrance of Christ.

Don't want the stink and mess? Stay away from the doodoo in the first place.
We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. ~2 Corinthians 10:5
The best ticket out of doodoo is to take our thoughts captive. If they don't glorify God, they need to be taken captive.

Once they're captive and confessed we need to replace them because if we don't fill that void, the doodoo will return "bigger and better."
Finally, brethren, whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is of good repute,
if there is any excellence and
if anything worth of praise,
dwell on these things.
~Philippians 3:8 NAS

Intentionally dwelling on those things will clear out the stench of doodoo and replace it with the sweet fragrance of Christ.

I don't know about, but I don't like doing doodoo. Let's take our thoughts captive and dwell on the things of God.

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  1. Seems we're in sinc.

    1. Yes! It does, Retha! Great minds think alike. ;-) Glad to know I'm not alone!! LoL

  2. You've given us the truth about the attitude challenge. I can relate to the disappointment when your plan is one thing and life is something altogether different. It's a big challenge to embrace the life we're given over the options we thought we could claim. As always, Jesus is the answer!
    Donna Winters

    1. So true, Donna--and too often I'm content to simply accept the change instead of embracing them, and there's a huge difference! Wow. Gonna have to mull on that too now!!

  3. You KNOW I've been there. SUPER, SUPER reminder, girlfriend!

  4. Love it! Great reminder. I too, hate the doodoo! ;-]

    1. =] DooDoo sure is smelly stuff--for everyone. =[

  5. If that blog title doesn't get you a gillion hits I'll be surprised. I started off laughing but ended up nodding my head in agreement.

    1. ROFL Diana. I so was not thinking about that!! I was desperately trying to find a D word and I was just coming off a rotten attitude. Ouch. God got through to me. Not surprising it was when I was thinking with my fingers...

  6. This is a good one!

    1. LoL, thanks, Cheryl!
      This was a time when even the cookies I was eating tasted bad. It was not good!!!

  7. I live on a farm, and there is no shortage of literal "doodoo" around the place. I'd like to remind everyone that manure, when composted, is very good added to the soil. It helps things grow.

    I think the spiritual implication is evident!

  8. Darn those doo-doo attitudes! Fighting my own battle against the towering heap of doo-doo this week! Thanks, Patty, for the reminder!


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