Bench Time

For the first time in over two years, I'm not teaching Bible study. I really needed the break. My husband knew it. My bff knew it. My study group probably knew it. But I was in denial. I didn't want to accept that I needed the break. When my husband asked me to take the summer off, I did, and I'm glad.

But I'm ready for the summer to be over! LoL.

Here's some things I've learned while sitting on the bench this summer...

The bench is a good place to rest and regroup. 

I played basketball in high school so I knew that from experience—but I needed to experience it again. I was worn out emotionally, spiritually, and physically from trying to keep up with all I was doing.

Room needed to be made for other work and other things I needed to focus on. My priorities were way out of balance and this summer on the bench has helped me get them closer to how they need to be. We've also had things come up that I couldn't have handled if I wasn't on the bench. God knew that and sidelined me for my own good. Not only did I not teach Bible study this summer (and part of this coming fall) but I went mostly offline. I've been absent from here on my blog, from Facebook, and even from some of the loops I'm a part of. And it's been sooooo good for me.

Whining will land you on the bench. 

More than just for resting and regrouping, I landed on the bench for discipline and instruction.

I had begun to whine about everything important. Seriously whine—not the tongue-in-cheek whining we often do as we laugh about something. My perspective was skewed and it affected my attitude and my service. More about how God brought this home to me later.

When God gives you a spiritual gift, you better use it. 

If you don't, you'll feel unfulfilled, frustrated, and even miserable at times.

Never in my life would I guess how much I've come to love teaching. I still don't like being in front of people, but I've accepted and learned to deal with the fact that it's par for the course if I'm going to teach. That's where stepping into my persona has come in handy.

Recently I've hit the point where if I don't get to teach something soon I feel like I'm going to explode—and it still cracks me up. Who'd a thunk? But still, I needed this time on the bench, and not just because life overwhelmed me.

In many ways, it's not been an easy summer. May was an emotional tsunami for me. June slammed into me with family... stuff. July brought big changes in my routine and life. Not bad, but enough to leave me standing in the middle of my kitchen staring at buckets and trying to remember how to do things I used to do all the time, all the while juggling my “new” life. It's been interesting! God knew all this was coming and He prepared me for it—even though I didn't necessarily like how He did it at the time.

Being benched isn't fun, but it's necessary sometimes. And I've learned to be thankful for the bench.

So tell me, how do you use the time when you're on the bench?


  1. I went to the mountains! ;] Thought I was going to do some writing there...took the puter & everything...and my mind went blank! Believe it or not. But...I got some fantastic pics of God's beauty surrounding me and learned to appreciate it...and got to spend time with hubby & kids & see my youngest one married off. *sigh*

    1. Hooray for the mountains and getting to spend time soaking it in! A great way to unwind--except for marrying off your youngest. That's not so easy...

  2. I make myself relax (LOL you know how unusual that is for me!). I enjoy quiet when I can. I ponder.

    Great lesson, my friend. Glad you're learning it - and passing it on to us.

    1. Joanne, you're very smart to schedule that time it like you do! Hugs!

  3. Patty, you have really blessed me.
    After reading your post, I thought about the past three months and realized that was exactly what had happened to me.
    After moving into our new home, this past April, I was forced to take some much needed bench time. I fought it like crazy and then relaxed into it. I emerged refreshed and ready to get back into the game. Still need to get my blog back on track. :) Thanks, my sweet friend! Love and hugs!

    1. Why is it we resist so much, Rita? Even knowing we need the rest and knowing it's for a good purpose, we fight against it...and then finally relax into it. What a great picture that is for me. Thank YOU for that.

      Blogging will come when it's time. LoL. I'm finding that out, too. ;-)


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