Letter C - When Storms Come Calling

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Welcome to this week's letter for the a 2 z 4 u & me meme.
The letter C.

Clouds are fascinating.

I didn't think it was any coincidence that when I was contemplating what to post for C we had a storm roll through and we got to enjoy a family time of watching the clouds and the storm roll in. It was a peaceful and relaxing time for us. But not all storms have that effect.

One evening I looked out my front window and saw what could be the closest to the Pillar of Fire I'll ever see. It was stunning.

It makes me think of how our lives can be when God shines on us... When He lights us up.

My kids love watching for what they can see in the clouds. When did I stop looking to see what could be found in clouds? There's surprises and blessings and beauty galore in the clouds that pass through my life--if I'll just stop and look for it.

If all our days were clear, with no clouds in the sky, just think how much we would miss out on.

Storms are part of life. Some are big and some rock our world.
Just as Jesus calmed the storm, 
He brings peace to us as we keep our eyes fixed on Him.

When the light of God shines into the midst of our storm, everything changes. Great beauty comes from the storm--beauty that others notice. Beauty that makes them wonder at the peace we have. Beauty that can point them to the creator of the clouds. God Most High.


Thanks for joining me for this week's edition of from a 2 z 4u & me!

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  1. I love clouds, and here in the Pacific Nothwest that's what we get the most of. I still see lots of animals and shapes in them.

    When we first moved to our current house, I missed the hills and forest of the old house, but grew to appreciate being able to see the sunsets and weather better here where it's more flat, open fields.

    I gotta go take a picture for my C post, and then it'll be about ready!

    Oh, and loved your pictures. So beautiful!! Love God's paintings.

  2. Stunning photos! Love the pilar of fire- that must have been so cool to see!

  3. Looks like it might be a "cloudy day" :) I'd rather put my name on your post, but I guess that's dangerously close to "C is for coveting." I agree with Barb. Your pictures are stunning, and your writing will always be a hard act to follow. Beautiful post, Patty

    God Bless.

  4. Thanks, ladies! I've really enjoyed my camera. =]

    And Nancy, we each bring our individual styles and perspectives to the table. If we only saw life through one set of universal eyes, it'd be awful. Me, my site and my perspectives are not for everyone and won't reach nor touch everyone. It takes each one of us all doing what God called us to do to, to make the whole. I know for a fact that some people come to my site, roll their eyes (and sometimes gag, LoL) and leave without reading a word. But those same people might visit your site and feel like they're visiting a place that fits them to a T.

    God uses each of us. =]

    Love you guys!! =]

  5. Spectacular photos, Peej! I especially like the "Pillar of Fire."

  6. Cloud painting--is one of my favorite things! It's amazing what we can find when we take a moment to observe the world around us!
    WOW! The photos are awesome!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Peej! Hugs!

  7. Wow! I love your pictures! Amazing! I'm all caught up now. This meme has helped give me some direction in how to let out some of what has welled up inside me from camp, that's for sure:) Thanks, Peejers!

  8. Gorgeous clouds! I love cloud formations and your photos of them are stunning. What kind of camera do you have? My "C" post was about my camera + some of my photos, too. Thanks for sharing yours!

  9. LoL, thanks guys.

    Shelley, I have a Canon PowerShot A640 (10 megapixel)--it's just a point-and-shoot that's a few years old, and I LOVE it!! =]

  10. I've been a cloud watcher since I was 4, maybe earlier but my memory doens't go back that far.

  11. Loved the pillar of fire! Awesome!

    My C post was a bit more tongue-in-cheek today...

  12. Absotively, posolutely GORGEOUS cloud pix! I love 'em too. And that pillar of fire is SOMETHING ELSE. Great post :)

  13. Clouds are amazing. I'll never forget the first time I passed through the clouds in an airplane and discovered the sun on the other side!

  14. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Awesome photos and awesome message Patty! I love photographing clouds.


  15. Awesome cloud photos!! I once saw clouds covering the sky that looked like the underneath of a wing - it was beautiful!

  16. Oooh! Pretty clouds. ^_^ Reminds me of good summer memories.


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