What's New?

I redecorated but I just couldn't part with my stripes. Sorry.

Okay, so I'm not sorry about keeping my stripes. I just love them so I built around them. :-)

I've been toying with thinking and praying about moving to a new site, with a new domain, but until I come to a decision, I'll be staying here at PattyWysong.com. I don't want to be jumping around and more than that, I want God's best for my life, not second best. So, I went ahead and put my new layout  and new header in here. What'cha think?

Here's my new button... Feel free to help yourself to one! ;-)

Ordinary Lives

Here's the button code:

There will be more physical changes around here as I incorporate things. Things like the blog designing I've been doing, my blog class, Clearing the Blog Fog (I'll be announcing a class date soon and it will be out in ebook format too!), and the book and ebook formatting I've started doing.

That's what I've been doing.
What's new with you?


  1. It looks GREAT, Peej. Praying for direction - but you already know that.

    What's new with me? My brain is fried. But maybe that isn't REALLY new ;)

  2. Thanks so much, JoDear. Your prayer support is one of the things I'm so very thankful for!!

    A fried brain huh? Yup. That explains why I'm fried too. Gotta love sharing a brain! LoL (and neither one of those things is new! ROFL)

  3. your stripes become you...

  4. It looks beautiful here. LOVE what you've done with the place - you're so talented with this techy stuff.

  5. I want to know all the cool stuff you know about all the widgets and buttons and such. I just don't have time or any more brain space :) I'll just have to hire you. Thanks for helping with my book. Appreciate you.

  6. Well, I, for one LOVE your stripes! And your heart, no matter what your ministry is called or what url you are at! Praying big time for perfect direction. ;)

  7. The pink and green are very cheery! It looks great!

    What am I doing? Trying to keep my priorities in order. Somedays, they just won't stay where I put them.

  8. I love your new design, Peej! Really pretty and soooo feminine:)


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