Dropping In

Life has been going at warp speed and I am sooooo glad school started today! I was truly about to go crazy! Well, I am crazy, but I was about to move into my special, personalized room at the funny farm. Truly, I was. It'll take me a few days to get caught up, but wanted to stop by here real quick to let you know I'm posting today at The Internet Cafe about a lesson I learned in the dentist chair (and no, it's not about the need for brushing and flossing LoL).

Did you know there are some similarities between teeth and hearts? There are! Visit me at The Cafe where I'm talking about Deep Spots.

It's winter, right? Well that must explain the blizzards that have been going on inside my head! Lemme tell ya, it's been kinda scary! Here's the latest:

The Barn Door Book Loft. Free Books! Book Giveaways.

Spot on PEAs.
This week Jeff Gerke is at The Book Loft all week and there will be information galore about writing and Marcher Lord Press--one of the publishers that publishes Christian fiction, sci fi and speculative fiction. If you're a writer, you do NOT want to miss Jeff's visit! He'll be at The Book Loft every day this week and he's giving away a copy of Plot Versus Character.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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