One of my favorite memes is As of Late, but I almost always miss it. I would've missed it this week too except I'm sneaking in late. ;-)

Lately I haven't been blogging much.
Sometimes the things in the heart need to be held close a little longer.

Lately I've learned you can worship God through the night
yet feel like you're walking alone during the day.

Lately immersing myself in God's Word
has been one of the few things that brings me peace.

Lately learning the Name of God has become a deep desire.

Lately I've refused distractions so I can get a manuscript off my plate.

Lately I've rediscovered that I can learn as I simply read (and relax while doing it).

Lately I've felt disconnected and disjointed.
But God has been holding me together as only He can.

Lately I've been thinking it's high time I came out of my cave.

So tell me,

What's been going on in your life?

I've missed you, my friends.

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  1. Isn't God so good at holding His children together when otherwise we would fall apart?
    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    So glad you could join us Patty...and I will be leaving the link up thingy up for one week each month so everyone that wants can join in....I know I would forget to join sometimes too ;)

    I know that disjointed feeling...last week was one of those weeks of quiet and disconnect.

    One of my favorite things I have ever done was learn some of the names of God. To know and refer to Him in that made me feel more intimately connected with Him.

    So glad you joined us Patty!

  3. I felt like I was definitely reading the words of a kindred spirit...precious daughter of the King who clings to him with all she's got!

    nice to 'meet' you through As of blessed!

  4. Oh, Peej - that second one GRABBED me. So very true. Just so glad our feelings aren't fact.

    LOVE you, girl!

  5. I'm just happy to get a "Peej" sighting now and then. Winter is a good time to let God do some work "indoors". Love you.


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