Free Indeed

It's Wednesday and since this picture has been on my mind all week I wanted to join in on Word Filled Wednesday, hosted by the Internet Cafe Devotions, where I happen to be posting tomorrow. =] Join us there for links to more WFWs!

Once I quit tugging on a door that wasn't open and turned to a door that was and this is how I've been feeling.

Following God leads to
and freedom!


  1. Patty!

    This was awesome!!! What program do you use to make this.

    GREAT word...

    Have a blessed day!

  2. hi patty...bev from soulblessings...just wanted to make sure you received the canvas you won...i mailed it the end of june...

  3. Patty, I really like this graphic. Isn't it kind of odd how we waste so much time pulling, tugging and going against God's plan. Instead walking through the door He already has open. BTW, I like your blog header. Did you do it yourself?

  4. Oh wow, that is BeeeYUTifulll!!! And team it up with faith-filled freedom and it's a real doozie! Love it, my friend.

  5. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Nice photo...i remember exploring a "hole in the wall" at the ocean when I was a kid. So happy that in Christ we are set free... we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We emerge out of the darkness and into the light....

  6. LLOOVVVE this, Peejers - and SO glad to see you at WFW! Has been a while :D

    SUPER reminder.

  7. I love it...! Enjoyed also to read along...Succes with the writing.

    Greetings and blessings

  8. Free indeed. Lovely

  9. Just a few words and just a picture--and yet they are JUST the few words and JUST the right picture to touch me!

    Feeling Blessed,

  10. GIRL.....this is it in a stalking me?? I LOVED this...and by the way I LOVED your devo today at the, because it's Thursday...a day late getting around for Wednesday...:)

    Loved the extra dose of Patty!



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