Doozie Day

Saturday was a doozie for me. I was a basket-case.

It all started when my friend nailed me hard about my intent concerning publication, and I waffled. She asked me the same question 3-4 times and I pussy-footed around each time. And she knew it.

You see, I KNOW God has called me to write, and I'm writing. I watch the discussions on the ACFW email loop about being published and I always want to jump in and say But even if God called you to write, He might not have called you to publication. You have to write how, when and where He has for you to write. Even if it's for just one.

I love writing fiction. It's my first love, BUT I'm not hung up on being published. Truly, I'm not. Sure, I'd love to be, but my life will still feel fulfilled if I'm not, as long as I know I'm holding tight to God's hand and following Him. I'm also willing to do the work if publication is His will for me. But I hafta tell ya, the thought of all that is scary. There's a lot to it. It's not just writing books, it's so much more, and to be honest, staying in my comfy, cozy cave, as it is now, really appeals to me. Remember, I'm a chicken at heart and choosing the easy way out is just too... EASY for me!

So God used my friend to wallop me. And it was a doozie. But it was also effective. I changed my plans for this month and stepped out of my comfort zone, and I mean waaaaay out! I'm polishing a manuscript I have so I can pitch it at the Faithwriters conference. What God does with it is up to Him. My responsibility is to follow and obey Him, He'll handle the results. And I want God's best for my life, not a pathetic substitute.

What about you? Is there something you're waffling over or evading in the hopes it will go away?

Let's pursue God's best for our lives and trust that His grace will carry us through the tough and scary parts!


  1. Sooooo proud of you.

    Praying for YOU - and for my own direction and discernment regarding what I may be waffling on.

  2. Stephanie11:38 AM

    Patty I have no doubt that you will charge after what God calls you to. You are gifted in so many areas and I am so thankful that we (your followers and friends) get to come along for the ride. I am praying that God will give you the courage and stamina necessary to finish well!! Love ya friend.

  3. Ouch! Now WHY did you have to say that? LOL

  4. ROFL Lynda. Misery loves company. Besides, when you travel with friends the journey is so much better!

    Steph, you nailed me so hard! Thanks for the encouragement.

    JoDear. You poor girl. You get hauled along with me whether you want to or not. LoL Praying for you and your direction.

    Hugs to each of you my friends.

  5. Peej, I like your statement "You have to write how, when and where He has for you to write. Even if it's for just one."

    God keeps giving me writing jobs that are not out where other can see. My name might not even be put on them, but I know God will use them for His work.

    Yes, I'd LOVE to be published, to have book tours and speaking events and signings...but that's not what God is having me do right now. I need to be content and honored that He has trusted me with the work He has chosen for me to do.

    I'll be praying for God's leading wherever He takes you (and your writing.)


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