Prayer Through the Night

The storm that went through Saturday afternoon took out our internet (which we've been wanting to replace) so we're having to run to town to connect online while we shop around for a new provider—IF we can even find one. It's one of the joys of living in the country. So, if things are even more abnormal than usual on here, that's why.

This week my parents will be visiting and we're all really looking forward to it. We get to see them twice a year, so this is a highlight for us. This is an old post, but it tells you about how special my mom is, and why.

One of the snapshot memories I have is of my mom sitting in the morning sunshine at the dining room table with her Bible, a cup of coffee and her nail file. Why her nail file? That's what she did while she prayed—and I know she prays for me even now. I rely on Mom's prayers, knowing they've helped pull me through many sticky situations.

When my husband and I moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania, Mom prayed. Our two trucks and an open trailer were loaded and there was no way to secure them while we slept, so my husband determined it'd be best if we drove straight through. He could've done it, but I couldn't—endurance was not my strong point.

It was in the middle of the night when the trailer tail lights quit working and we had just entered the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. I needed to stay right behind my husband, who was pulling the trailer, so the semi's could see and pass us as they picked up speed for the long hills--and I tried.

At one point I realized my husband was no longer in front of me and when I looked at my speedometer I saw I was below the minimum speed for an interstate highway. As I stepped on the gas I was praying he was safe—I was also asking God to wake up my mom so she could pray for me. I was terrified a semi would run into my husband and that I would fall completely asleep and run off the side of the mountain. Many twists and turns, and long hills later I caught up to him, but several other times, in my exhaustion, I fell behind. Yet throughout that long night God kept me safely on the road.

The next morning, after arriving at my sister's house, Mom called. Once she knew we were safe, she told me she hadn't sleep well—she kept waking up, thinking about me, so she had prayed through much of the night.

Mom prayed me safely through those mountains, as well as through many other mountains in my life. Mom is still praying me through. What an example she's set for me, an example I endeavor to follow.


  1. What cool memories of having a praying mom.

  2. It's so good to know God listens to the prayers of mothers. A couple of nights last week, I prayed Nik home when he texted to say the fog was bad.

    I'm so happy for you that you get to visit your parents. We're having to look for a new internet provider, too. It's so expensive for us 'country' people:) and our options are so slim. But we certainly wouldn't trade where we live.

  3. Ahhh...what a great story! I know they must be great parents to raise a girl like you. Tell them we (all your sistas) love them because we love you.

    Have a great time this week!


  4. JoAnn S9:09 PM

    Having a great time with Patty and family. Time is passing too quickly...soon our visit will be over until spring.


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