Fair Days

Of the past 14 days, we've spent 10 days working a booth at the fair--well, two different fairs, but the second fair won't be over until late this coming Saturday night. Here's a picture of me sitting and working...my feet and legs were killing me!

One of the fun things we got to do this week end was to climb the rock wall the Army has at the fair. I've only climbed one other wall and it was nothing like this--so this was really cool for me to do! In high school I had a real hard time with heights and when my PE class did a small unit on rappelling, I was still out with Guillan Barre, and couldn't do it. I made it to the top and rang the buzzer, but my legs were like jello when I got down--but hey, I earned an Army t-shirt! LoL--it was fun! (btw, that IS me in that picture! *grin* Just wanted to make sure you understood that. LoL)

My girls both made it to the top of the wall, too. One of them is a natural monkey and the other is a dead-shot it the laser tent. She quite impressed one of the Army guys with her accuracy on the speed shooting. The monkey daughter had too much fun shooting the virtual rodents--something about the flying fur...

One of the perks of working the fair is arriving a little early and checking out a couple of the things you want to see. Jim and the boys looooved the antique tractors--while the girls and I found someplace to sit and wait...and yawn. LoL

Yesterday morning we arrived at the fair early enough to find a treat--breakfast at the fair! A church group has a food concession and they have GREAT biscuits and gravy, which happens to be a family favorite. :-) Here we are having breakfast--my seat is the empty one. LoL

There's other pictures, but they're on the kids' cameras...and I'm too tired to track them down. Just thought I'd show you a slice of our fair life these days. :-) There's been lots to learn and think about, and at least a million ideas I'm still processing. I never would've imagined that working fairs could be so interesting! It's been a great experience--and exhausting!

I'll see ya tomorrow with...well, with an author spotlight. I forget who it is and I'm too tired to run and check, but I'll be here, and I'll be more coherent then. For those of you visiting from Adding Zest--WELCOME to Patterings! LoL--I don't usually share personal photos of me and my family, but that's okay! If you like to read, be sure to check out the Book Bonanza and the two book giveaways currently going on here at Patterings! One is with Candy Arrington, who is giving away a copy of When Your Aging Parent Needs Care: Practical Help for This Season of Life and the other is with Terry Brennan who's giving away a copy of The Sacred Cipher. Be sure to leave a comment on those posts to be entered in the book drawings.


  1. Your days sound full & even fun. LOL I'm very impressed with your wall climbing! Miss you...

  2. It looks like you had fun. Great job on the rock climbing! I'm sure this was a memory building week for the whole family.

  3. Great pics, hun - and what a week! Praying as you get everything put back together.


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