The Small Things

This week has been inside out and backwards for me, so I'm pulling out a rerun--one of my favorites, and one of my earliest posts. It's also one that is right where I am...again--so it's one that I needed to hear.

2 a.m. and my eyes popped open. I knew immediately I was sunk. Being wide awake at that hour always makes me think.

“Ok, Lord, here I am. You have my attention, what is it I’m missing? Is it someone I need to pray for, or something in my life I’ve missed? Open the eyes of my heart so I can see what it is, so I can follow after You.”

I slipped from bed and wandered the house, praying for my family and my friends, then moving on to examine my life. I knew there was something, I could feel the quiet calling to me as I prowled from window to window. The yard light illumined the yard, but nothing was moving out there. It was as if the quiet had permeated everything, even the wind. I switched to examining my home, touching things as I passed by them. The sigh came from deep within, I’d found what I was missing and I wanted to take care of it right away, but I couldn’t.

There were things my husband had mentioned as needing care, and I had passed over them. I was too busy. I was tired. I forgot. But those things were still there, and still needing to be taken care of, and I was the one to see to it.

I had been ignoring the things my husband requested of me. Those small things were eroding away my relationship with the man God gave me, and in turn, eroding away my relationship with God.

I had been searching for a person in great need of prayer, or a great revelation to my life, but had found something so simple that I almost passed over it, again. Sometimes the simplest and smallest things in life are the most important.

I slipped back in beside my husband, thanking God for him and resolved to do those small things. Sleep came quickly--I had found what I was searching.


  1. This made me cry! Oh, wow, what a powerful devotion which I'm sure will grab you each and every time you grab it! Anointed.

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I'm so happy that you re-posted this because I've only just become acquainted with your blog. This is a beautiful testimony to the way the Holy Spirit will gently get our attention if we are listening. Beautiful!

  3. Convicting, convicting, convicting...

  4. Oh, yes. I am SO there. ALL the time. WAY too much. So convicting. Thanks for reposting, dear.


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