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The past 40 days have been truly wonderful for me! (Busy but wonderful. LoL) When I started this giveaway I had NO idea if anyone would even show up, and to say that I've been blessed by it, is an understatement! I've gotten to meet new friends and reconnected with old ones. Thank you so much for helping me celebrate. God is so incredibly good!

Today is the wrap-up of my blog giveaway—but first I want to link to those that have come in since November 2nd, when I did a Linky post. I don't want you to miss out on them.

Gery wrote in about The Children of Timor.

Heidi, in Asia, told us how a verse posted at her door changed lives—and not just hers—in One Day to Give—A Recipient's Perspective. (You really don't want to miss this one!!)

Rich Brown told us about going to jail for Crossing the Double Yellow Line, and how it changed his view of things.

Allan Jackson sent lots of pictures and wrote about their ministry in Manta, Ecuador, For Love.

And my dear friend Laury slid in this morning with God's Smuggler. (I'm gonna hafta find that book and read it again now!)

While Laury slid in, Katy Lin squeaked in by telling us about the Hoyt family in Uganda in her post Missions Matter. (hehe, I love the title, Katy Lin!)

Some of you may have noticed that I set up another site for this project called Missions Matter! The site will still be around, and I'm deciding what I should do with it now that these 40 days are over. I feel there's more that can be done with it, but at the moment, I'm clueless as to what. SO, if any of you have any ideas, please let me know!! Missions is in my blood, and if there's a way that site can be used for good, I want to do it. The whole purpose of this giveaway was to boost awareness of missions, and I do NOT want to stop doing that. So, let me know your ideas! If you don't want to put it in a comment, you can always email me at patterly [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd love to hear from you!

NOW, what you've been waiting for! I asked my girls and my 'little boys' to help with this...
Drum roll, please!

The winner of Green Leaf in Drought is: Kim Roof, who is a missionary in Peru. She sent an email about the Lasting Impact of her parents, who were also missionaries. I thought this was wonderful because she caught THREE typos in her post--which I posted for her. THREE! (and no, you do NOT get bonus points for finding my screw ups, so don't even ask! LoL)

The winner of By Searching is: Tracy, who told us about her missions trip to Mexico

And since I just happened to win a book that I had recently purchased, I drew an extra name! Laury is the winner of Courting Miss Adelaide by Janet Dean.

Send me your snail mail addies and I'll get them in the mail to you.

Since the giveaway is over, Patterings will be getting back to normal—whatever that is. Oh wait, Patterings has normal, Patty does not. LoL—I've totally given up on normal. Totally. Truly.

What's normal at Patterings?
Patterings is about how God uses everyday happenings to draw my attention to Himself and to teach me spiritual lessons.

Patterings is also the home of Fiction Fridays, so every Friday I post a short story that I've written. This is a meme that anyone and everyone can participate in, whether they write fiction, or simply enjoy a good story. There's a great diversity in our 'regulars', so there should be something for just about everyone.

Come back and join us!
And thank you, again, for helping me celebrate! It's been wonderful!
Hugs to each of you!

Missions Matter! ~Blog Giveaway coming November 12th!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ms. Patty, and congratulations to Laury, Tracy, AND Kim.

    I've really enjoyed this missions emphasis. Thanks for doing it, my dear! What a blessing.

  2. Wow! I won something? It's gonna snow for sure. Better get out your winter coat, mittens, and boots!

    Thanks Peejers, but it's YOUR birthday. Silly lady. Love you so much. Hope you have a great birthday week. Enjoy your 40's. There's nothing like it!

  3. HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY, MISS PATTY!!! (I'm right behind you - 18 days to be exact!) I can't believe I won - how exciting! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my memories of Mexico. You've had so many wonderful missions posts here in the last 40 days! And thank you too, for drawing my name. I'll be happy to jump right in. (After NaNoWriMo of course!) I'm wishing you many wonderful birthday blessings!

  4. Happy happy birthday Patty. that just SHOWs your heart for missions that you chose to do the giveaway on your bday. I have really loved this series of posts.

    Congrats to all the winners, and all of the voices in these stories said something my heart needed to hear, so thank you all!

  5. Ah the woulda, coulda, shoulda...:(

    Happy birthday, Peej! Hope you had a great one.

  6. Patty, first of all, Happy Birthday!!! 40 is a significant number in the BIble and pray you will be blessed and challenged and exhorted this day.

    Secondly, thank you for doing this! It has been a blessing to read the posts (i'm still not done with them all yet). This is just wonderful and I hope you DO continue to do something with it. I don't have any ideas myself right now, but if I do, I will let you know. I'll have to think for a bit.

    Your blog has been a blessing to me since I found it a week or so ago and I pray that you contiue to be an encouragement and inspiration. God bless you, my sister, and happy birthday!

  7. Happy B-day----and this was fun!!
    Congrats to the winners!


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