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We're to the final countdown to the giveaway (and of course, to my birthday). There's just ten days left to join in the fun—I'd love the help in celebrating!

October is finally over, and it went out with a bang. Our church puts on a children's carnival every year and we get to help. It's great fun spending time working with, and playing with, our church friends, but it makes for a very busy week. I've also had some cleaning projects going on here at home, and to be honest, I'm really tired! My parents come for a visit tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to relaxing and visiting with them—it's a treat we don't often get!

In the past ten days, since my first Linky post, I've had some more great missions posts come in that I want to share with you. These are just the ones that are new.

Sharon wrote about Women on the Edge, a great sounding book.

Debby told us about her mom's great faith while in the jungle in Up the River.

Gerda sent me a post about their trip to Cuba where they can take in Bibles 12 At a Time.

Karen posted about a missions book they're reading to their kids about Cameron Townsend--Wysliffe Founder, and how it made an impression on them--they're currently in Russia, and I've loved following her these last several months!

In When I Grow Up, Danielle told us about when she was little--and how she's doing part of her dream in Spain.

Yvonne posted a short story she wrote, Nando is Home, which is based on a story a missionary told her.

Kim let me repost an email she sent me--I loved hearing about the Lasting Impact her parents had on people who were saved while they were ministering in Peru. (She, and her family, are missionaries in Peru.)

Tracy shared her Mexico Mission Trip Memories with us and told how she came to have a special souvenir.

I also posted Joyously Abandoned with excerpts from Green Leaf in Drought. What an impact it's had on my life!

Don't forget: November 12th, around noon or so, I'll be doing the drawing for the blog giveaway—so the announcement will be sometime that afternoon. Help me celebrate by posting about missions!

Missions Matter! ~Blog Giveaway coming November 12th!

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  1. What a wonderful bunch of stories of the importance of Missions. Praying for your week, and your visit with your parents :). Thanks for this emphasis!


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