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Today is the half-way point to my birthday—leaving just 20 days. The first half of the 40 days has been great. I've spent extra time in the Word and the other reading that I've done has been missionary stories which have really touched me...again. I'm really looking forward to these last 20 days.

Thanks to all of you who have helped me celebrate so far by entering my Missions Matter blog giveaway! To make it easier, I'm reposting the links that are in Mr. Linky, so that everyone gets a chance, if they're interested, in reading the entries that have come in so far. I have enjoyed every single one of these and hope you do, too!!

The Tale of the Missionary Car by Lynda Schultz

Catrina Bradley wrote 'This Mission Is A Trip'

Sharon, an MK currently back on the field wrote 'Solitude, Missions & Life in General'

Lisa Brown sent in 'Forgotten People'

Dee Yoder told us about Mission to the Amish People

Yvonne talks about a missions ministry in 'Adorable Baby Clothes'

and Rob Hatch sent in an article My Experience, My Choice

In addition, I blogged about Green Leaf in Drought in the post 'Face the If and Say.' (There will be more about this book real soon, too, as well as some about By Searching.)

I hope more of you jump in! I had some major commitments for 10 of those first 20 days, but those are done, and now I'm free to dive back into this missions emphasis, and I can't wait!

Don't forget, by posting and linking on Mr. Linky, you'll be entered in my birthday blog giveaway. I'm giving away two books: Green Leaf in Drought and By Searching, both by Isobel Kuhn. These little books have had a big impact on my life each time I've read them. For more giveaway details, check out my 40 till 40 post.

So, invite your friends and help me celebrate!
Remember, Missions Matter!

Missions Matter! ~Blog Giveaway coming November 12th!


  1. Hey Patty! I haven't forgotten you - I promise! I will try to get my story done and to you next week. I think it is so awesome you are doing this! What a great idea! Blessings!

  2. Thanks for putting it all right here, Peejers! Will try to pull something together for you too :) Remind me!

  3. Ok...has been awhile since I have cruised around the blogs much. Have been lurking here and there. Peej...I don't know you very well yet. That was my AH-HA moment as I read this. Do you have a blog post about your background/interest in missions? Would love to be directed to it.

    I will try to think of something to write on for your missions emphasis. Have many missionary friends and stories to draw one. hmmmm...thinker is actively engaged now. ;)

    btw...I remember when I turned 40 I did a devotional in my youth group...was still a youth pastor at 40 (yikes). My point was that 40 was God's perfect number and 40 is when LIFE began.


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