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PhotobucketTomorrow's Fiction Friday is being hosted by Joanne at An Open Book. Be Sher to join us there! *giggle*

PhotobucketNew interviews are posted at CWO blogger spotlight, and LauraLee's interview is there as well as mine. I was so excited to see us there, together. The button is to the right, at the very top. *wink*

PhotobucketLast month, oh I'm so embarrassed it's taken me so long, I received a second blog award. It's the Arte y Pico award and I'm so blessed to have received it. Thank you so much, my friends (yes, plural because I received it from Marie at Meek Musings and Joanne at An Open Book.) It's YOU, my friends, that make this so much fun for me to do and YOU who bless me over and over and over again. THANK YOU!!

ps--I have this horrible feeling I might have forgotten someone--if I did, please remind me so I can make amends and fix my blunder!


  1. I LOVE that dancing strawberry!

    I am SOOOOO looking forward to hosting FF tomorrow. Bounce, bounce, bounce :D

  2. Oh my, will be "Sher" to visit Joanne tomorrow, just because of your pun. Gerph.

    Loved seeing your interview before mine...though it's hard to follow such an amazing person. Truly love to hear about your time in Ecuador, as well as the amazing journey of homeschooling five kids. Should be an award for that.

    And CONGRATS on your blog award. People know a good thing when they see it!

    One more thing: You did forget someone. ME! You forgot to elect me for the very best friend award. What's wrong with your memory these days? ;)

  3. LOL. I just found out there is actually a best friend award out there for blogs. I didn't know that! I just made it up to try to get you to be my best friend!!!! LOLOL. I've got lots of competition, you know...


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