Fiction Friday: Ginny G.

Ginny Giraffe awoke one morning to sweet singing in the branches above her. Standing very carefully and quietly, she peered through the leaves. She didn’t even need to stand on tiptoe to see Lark sitting in her nest as she sang.

“Good morning, Lark. Why are you singing?”

“Good morning, Ginny G. Why am I singing?” she chirped. “Well, I sing because I’m happy.”

Ginny G. slowly blinked her big brown eyes. “Why are you happy?”

“It’s a beautiful morning.” Lark happily trilled.

As Ginny G. nibbled her breakfast leaves Butterfly danced nearby. “Good morning, Ginny G.” she called out.

“Good morning, Butterfly.” Ginny G. responded politely. “What are you doing?”

“I’m dancing in the breeze,” Butterfly answered.

She lifted his nose into the breeze, smelling carefully. “Why?”

Butterfly did a double flip as she answered. “Because I’m happy, that’s why.”

Ginny G. slowly blinked her big brown eyes. “Why are you happy?”

Butterfly giggled as she swooped past Ginny’s nose. “Because I can fly!” Then she raced off to join her cousins playing tag.

Looking far across the grassland Ginny spotted her friend Gnu and decided to visit him. Stretching her long legs she ran swiftly, wishing she had wings. “Maybe I could be happy then,” she thought.

Gnu was playing when she arrived. He was having so much fun kicking up his heels that he didn’t notice Ginny right away.

“Oh, hi there, Ginny G. Whatcha’ doing?” Gnu asked when he finally stood still for a moment.

“I’m just watching you,” Ginny replied. “Why are you playing like that, Gnu?” she asked.

“Wahoo, because I’m happy!” Gnu hollered as he spun around again.

Ginny G. slowly blinked her big brown eyes. “Why are you happy?”

That made Gnu stop and stare at her. “Why am I happy?” he asked, surprised. “I don’t know, just because I am.” Gnu kicked up his heels and galloped a circle around her.

Ginny watched him a while longer then wandered over to Zebra who was grazing on the tough grass nearby.

“C'mon, Ginny G. let's race to the water hole,” Zebra said as soon as Ginny G. got close. Without another word Zebra ran a circle around her and took off. Ginny could hear him laughing as he galloped across the grassland so she ran along. With her long legs it didn't take long to catch up to him.

“Zebra, why are you laughing?” Ginny G. called out as they ran together.

“Because I love running, it makes me happy.” Zebra said as they neared the water hole. He circled around it and kept running but Ginny G. laid down in the tall grass under a tree and rested her head on a nearby branch, she didn’t want anyone to see her.

Soon Tortoise trundled along.

“Ginny G. why is your face so long and why aren’t you out playing with the other young grassland animals?” Tortoise asked kindly. He was a wise old tortoise who cared for his friends.

Ginny G. sadly sighed. “Everyone else has something to make them happy, but I don’t. I’ll never be happy.”

Tortoise chuckled. “Ginny G, you have many things to make you happy, you just need to open your eyes and see them.” Ginny G. slowly blinked her big brown eyes. “God didn't give you a voice to sing, or wings to fly, or even short legs like Gnu to spin and jump on. He gave you a long neck and long legs so you could see far into the distance with your beautiful, keen eyes.”

The corners of Ginny G's mouth lifted in a small smile. “I have beautiful eyes?” she asked.

“Ah, yes,” Tortoise replied. “Big beautiful eyes. But even more important than your eyes, Ginny G. is the fact that God loves you. You are so special to Him that He put you here in the perfect place. This is just the right place for a giraffe. And not only that, but He gave you your family and friends. He loves you an awful lot, Ginny G.”

Ginny G. slowly blinked her big brown eyes and smiled at Tortoise. “You're right, Tortoise. I can be happy because God loves me so much.”

Ginny stood up and looked around, seeing all the things God gave her because He loved her so much. She had so many reasons to be happy. Lowering her head down as close to the ground as she could she gave Tortoise a special smile.

“Thank you for being my friend, Tortoise. You are a wonderful gift from God.” She bent her knees and gave him a kiss on his tough, wrinkly cheek, then turned and sailed across the grassland to join her friends in a game of tag.

I love writing for children and I needed a happy story for this week, so I went straight for Ginny G. I hope she made you smile.

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  1. I remember this one, Peej! It IS a happy story. Made me smile!

  2. I LOVE this, Patty. Have you looked into submitting it somewhere? I can so envision this as a children's picture book. Wonderful!

  3. Oh, Peejers - ADORE this one! I was SO happy(LOL pun intended)when I saw this on my bloglist as I prepared mine this morning (and the one I picked to put up is ALSO from the "happy" challenge - but not as happy as yours hehe).

  4. Peej, I enjoyed this one too. You have a knack for writing for kids. I agree with Lynda - it would make a fun picture book.

  5. Who told you that I LOVE giraffes? They are so elegant and beautiful! Thank you for this story.It's just what I needed today.

  6. Oh Peej, I just love Ginny G! This is such a wonderful and heartwarming story and I'm glad I got to read it. It was the perfect way to start the day. Thanks for sharing about her. Blessings!

  7. Happy is just what I need this morning. Loved reading this one again, Peej!

  8. Ginny G is perfect for Fiction Friday. I love your stuff!

  9. I loved Ginny G! One of my favorites!
    Glad to join you this Friday. I've been meaning to type out the poem I wrote in my journal last weekend, and you motivated me.

  10. I am NOT whoami - I'm ME!


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