Fiction Friday: Lava Mama's Stomp Fest

Kelli gritted her teeth and started counting. She made it to six before she exploded. “You call this room clean? Only if you’re a pig, and even then, not in my house. Look at this! Dirty underwear stuffed in the corner, your dresser top is in desperate need of attention and this book shelf is a mess, not to mention your closet…Ooooo, that closet had better be taken care of or you won’t like how I take care of it! Get moving!” After a morning of refereeing kids and house cleaning she was on a short fuse.

“Oooh! I hate it!” Ryan stomped his foot as he spun away and threw a book onto his bed, but not before Kelli saw the attitude written there.

She didn’t even try counting, and her jaw still ached from clamping it so tightly just moments before, so she let it fly. “Buddy boy, you just blew it.” Kelli bent down, thrusting her face within inches of Ryan’s. She was sure her hair had turned to molten lava. Ryan’s eyes widened in surprise, but he quickly covered it with more bad attitude.

“Do it again!” Kelli demanded.

“Do what again?” Belligerence laced the question.

“Stomp your feet again, just like you did.” His face said he thought she’d really lost her marbles this time. “Do it!” Kelli’s voice rose in volume.

Ryan stomped his foot.

“Both feet,” she bellowed, not thinking, just following that mom instinct. Ryan jumped and slammed his feet his on the floor, howling his frustration and anger at his mother, but she didn’t let up.

By the fifth stomp Ryan was beginning to cringe when he landed on his sock feet and Kelli was thankful their floors were stout.

“Harder!” Still hollering she didn’t give him a moment’s rest.

He still howled in anger so she kept him stomping. Her throat stung from hollering above Ryan's noise, but she refused to give up before he did. She was at her wit’s end with this child. She’d tried everything she could think of and nothing had worked so far. In fact, he just kept getting worse. Something had to give, and it wasn’t going to be her.

Ryan jumped and once again slammed his feet down, this time crying out in pain.


“But, Mom…”

“Now! Stomp ‘em!” Ryan jumped and stomped them down again, wincing and crying, his bad attitude quickly fading. Two more stomps and Kelli could tell he’d given in.

“Get this room picked up—FAST.” Kelli quietly ordered, her own anger and frustration cooling.

She sighed in relief when Ryan gathered the dirty underwear from the corner and put them in the laundry basket. Only then did she dare a glance in the dresser mirror. She hid a smile beneath a glower and sailed out of the room. Her hair was no longer felt like molten lava so it was safe to venture into the living room where her other children scurried around doing their assigned chores.

That evening Kelli called from the kitchen, “Time to get that stuff picked up and put away.”

She moved so she'd be able to see their reaction and got there just in time to see Ryan wind up for his protest. She knew the exact moment when he saw her standing in the kitchen doorway, watching him. His foot was on the way down and there was no way he could stop it. When his foot touched down his eyes were round and his anger mysteriously gone.

Kelli shook her head and quietly said, “Stomp 'em.”

“Aww, Mom...” Ryan whined. Kelli merely raised an eyebrow and waited. Ryan jumped and stomped his feet down on the carpet, cringing, but without any anger or bad attitude. She was satisfied.

“Supper's ready. Get that mess picked up so we can eat.” Smiling, she returned to the kitchen and fluffed up her hair. She didn't like being a lava queen but she'd kept her head, reigned in her tongue and God had sent her a solution that was already reaping rewards.

This truly is fiction, although I have to admit to bits of truth that managed to sneak in. LoL--I'll let you wonder what's truth and what's fiction.

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  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Heh heh heh... creative parenting. With our son, it was making him stand with his arms stretched out straight from the shoulders. It doesn't take long before the muscles start screaming in protest. It was real popular with the Drill Sergeants at basic training.

  2. (smile) My father tells of his mother using this same method with him spitting like the big boys at school. She made him spit until his mouth was dry.

  3. Wish I'd have thought of this method when mine were young. I did help my middle daughter pack to run away once though. She still laughs about that one.
    Great story!I can feel the son's anger ebbing away.

  4. What an entertaining story that has a whole lot of great suggestions for parenting as well. Creative for sure. Love it!

  5. I think I say this every week, but this is one of my FAVORITES of yours - and I was so pleased to see it up this morning! SO creative with some excellent parenting suggestions too :). Great stuff, my dear!

  6. Very Cute, Peej! LOL! The characters were fun and of course, my fave part was the "stomp" ROFL...great stuff!

  7. PEEJ!!!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog...thank you for your comment... I miss you!!
    Your Patterings page is beautiful and "soul" refreshing, and I could totally relate to the parenting issues... though it's been a few years... LOL

  8. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I just LOVE this story, Patty! When did you meet my son? =) Blessings, Cheri

  9. This mom made ME cringe. Yikes! I remember this story of yours - I'm glad you posted it for Friday Fiction. Love the molten-lava hair.


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