Stressing or Resting?

Kristen, of A Heart Stirred, created my new layout and I just adore it. She is so good at what she does! Thank you, Kristen! The timing of this new look is just perfect, too...I needed a pick-me-up this weekend. My two oldest children are gone for ten days (LoL—TEN WHOLE DAYS!!!) and we're all rather lost without them here. They've gone a missions trip with our church youth group, and it will be life changing for them. I'm excited for them, even as I miss them.

My daughter cracked me up this week. She made list after list of what she needed to pack for this trip and she totally stressed out over it. By Thursday, she was frazzled and moaning about how stressful packing is. I thought, “You're only packing for one person, girl! Welcome to life!”

It's made me wonder what I stress over that there's really no reason for stressing. My Heavenly Father sees the big picture of life—my life—and He's just waiting for me to ask Him for help sometimes. But do I? No, not always. Sometimes I run around here frazzled, when if I would simply stop and hit my knees God would help me see things clearly.

When I focus on my situation, I tend to stress.
When I focus on Christ, I can rest.

Have you ever watched stressed people try to function? I have. They don't operate too well because so much of their energy and concentration is spent on being stressed. But, those that are not stressed are able to fully focus on the task at hand and slowly plow through all that needs doing. That's what I need to do--slowly and steadily tunnel through the mountain. Sometimes the mountain is doubt, sometimes it's fear, sometimes it's being overwhelmed, and sometimes it's a mountain range of many things. I need to turn my eyes from the mountain towering over me and look steadily at Christ.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


  1. Gee, that verse looks familiar ;) A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL message, as always, dear Peej. Just need to put that focus in the right place (easier said than done, eh?).

  2. What a wonderful blog you have here. So glad I found you!

  3. Im one of those unfocused stressed people. LOL. Thank you for the important reminder to look at Him and not my situation. :)

  4. Ah, stress in my constant companion. I thank God that when time allows, I can relax and relieve some stress by reading the inner most thoughts of my fellow writing companions instead of letting stress stick too close to my side.

    Love the new layout btw...YAY for Kristen!! She has a way of capturing who we are in our blog layouts, doesn't she?

  5. Alright, you may as well have put "This post is for LauraLee" in your blockquote box. You KNOW I needed this message this week. Incredible reminder.


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