The Purpose of Patterings

Yesterday I visited Exemplify and loved seeing Kristen's Statement of Purpose. It got me thinking. I ended up going back, and I found it was a meme from Becoming Me, and even though I'm now two days late, I'm playing along because I really wanted to have that sharp focus that comes with having a mission statement as well as a purpose statement. If you want to see other bloggers and their statements, run over to Becoming Me—it's ranks as 'way cool' with me!

The mission of Patterings is to write and share the lesons God teaches me as I run through my day. These are simply lessons from every day living that shower my life, teaching me, refreshing me, and blessing me.

The purpose of Patterings is:
*To obey God's call to pick up my pen and write.
*To keep me writing down, and so learning better, the lessons God has for me. It's through writing that I think and learn best.
*To encourage others in their daily walk with God.
*To glorify God and serve Him with the tool He placed in my hand.


  1. And this is exactly what you have been doing, and faithfully. Not just with your blog, but in your church, your family and your friendships.

    So thankful for your ministry.

  2. Peej, you have your heart in the right place. It's hard to juggle husband,family, church, friends, and your own personal ministry for the Lord. I think you have put them all in the right perspective, and the Lord will bless you for it.

  3. Mission: Accomplished. I love reading your blog for all of those things you just listed.

  4. Very cool - those focuses are so helpful, aren't they? And I agree - you seem to be accomplishing BOTH here at Patterings. :)

  5. I'm amazed at all you're able to accomplish in a single day, Peej! You're an inspiration to many of us, including me!


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