A God of Details

God is such a God of detail! Even minuscule details that could easily be overlooked.

Just this last week, on Thursday, I found a new opportunity that lines up perfectly with my long terms goals—which are entirely contingent on God's leading my life. These are the goals I tried to run away from and nearly brought my family to ruin because of it. So, although they are part of my long term goals, if God leads me another direction, I'll be making changes and following God.

After I found the opportunity, I called in prayer support (that God would lead me through my husband) and later that night I talked to Jim about it. His response was instant and emphatic, and it has launched me down a new path. His response, and the responses of my jewelly sisters, gave me courage to go after this goal years before I planned. The affirmations God has given me and the details He arranged and took care of before this came about, has made me committed to facing this challenge and accomplishing this goal—for whatever purpose God has for it, even if that purpose is 'merely' a learning opportunity. I'm committed to following through and learning all I can.

My goal: 55,000-60,000 polished words by January 1st. And that's in addition to family and home, homeschooling five kids, church responsibilities and other writing commitments. But I believe! I believe that since God impressed on me the need to accomplish several things (for seemingly no reason) and I obeyed that leading, then He will be easily able to give me the words necessary to follow this path He's brought me to. (There's many other reasons why I firmly believe that, but those are the ones I'm claiming for this particular goal. *grin*)

For me, this goal is about obedience. Me obeying the leading of my Father.
What about you? Is there a step you need to take? Are there things you feel you should do, but because you don't understand or they don't make sense, you're putting them off? Don't put them off any longer! Get to it and get those things done because they just may very well be the details that will enable you to move on to other things God has for you to do!


  1. What a lesson for you, and US! With God, Jim, and the rest of us behind, you, you'll do it! Good for you. Praying for you, and praising Him that He's put this on your servant heart.

  2. And many prayers will be uttered on your behalf. So happy for the Lord's perfect and unique direction for you.

  3. You go girl! You can do ALL things through Him...

  4. Very encouraging, Peej! Thanks for reminding me that God is in the details and what He plans for us is so much more than what we can dream of sometimes. Keep at it! I KNOW you'll have your goal met by January.

  5. Always follow His direction, our own thoughts can and have often mislead us, He will not mislead us nor deceive us when we are truly following His guidance! He will lead, guide every step we take thus shorting the length of each trial we encounter. Allow His light to shine forth around the globe to all of our neighbors. He is no respecter of person, nor should we be when opportunity opens a door to share His majesty with anyone. Continue to allow the light of our Beloved to shine through everything you do!!!


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