Fiction Friday: Dunkin' Cookies

The past two weeks have been busy with Vacation Bible School, and all that goes into it, as well as several other things that happened to arise. Not only am I behind in things I need to be doing, but I'm exhausted. But in all that, it's a wonderful tiredness--the kind that comes from throwing myself whole-heartedly into something, and VBS is so important.

I was saved as a direct result of VBS when I was just under five-years old and I'm so glad I get to help now. How I pray that God will claim the 18 kids we've had in our class of 1st and 2nd graders as His own!

So, for this week's Fiction Friday I'm posting a story that's about inviting a neighbor child to VBS. I hope you enjoy it and that you get to enjoy VBS this summer, too.

Dunkin' Cookies
Willa looked out her kitchen window and saw the new neighbor boy still slouched in a lawn chair. That's it, Lord. He's been there for half an hour. I'm going over. She pulled down a plate and piled fresh cookies on it. After setting it on a tray with a carton of milk and two glasses, she went outside.

“Jason, come give me a hand, Honey. Grab this little table and stick it between the chairs so we can enjoy these cookies.”

Jason's bare feet scuffed the grass, but he moved the table then stood back.

Willa held the plate out to him. “I love baking, but with just me and Howard it's just not as fun. Think you could help me out?”

He smiled at her and reached for a cookie, waiting politely while she poured them some milk. She dunked her cookie in her milk and took a big bite. “Mmmmmm. I don't know about you, but I love cookies an' milk.”

A big grin lit Jason's face as he followed her example.

“Not too shabby, huh?” Willa said with her mouth full.

This time Jason giggled.

Willa made her eyes wide. “What? Do I have crumbs on my chin?”

He giggled again. “I thought my Nana was the only old lady who dunked her cookies in milk and talked with her mouth full.” Jason reached for another cookie, but his hand stopped midair.

Willa smiled and nodded to the plate. “Help yourself, because if you don't, I'll eat more than you do.” She took another big bite of cookie. “So, your nana likes cookies an' milk, too?”

Jason sighed. “Yeah. But she can't come this summer.”

“That's too bad. I bet she really misses you.” Willa looked around their adjoining yards and sighed. “I miss my grandkids since they moved.” She looked at him. “We're quite a pair aren't we? I'm a granma, missing my grandkids, and you're a grandkid missing your nana. We ought'a just adopt each other.”

Jason grinned. “Yeah, we ought'a.” He took a drink of milk and eyed the cookie plate. “Does that mean I could have another cookie? These are the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had.”

Willa laughed. “Why thank you! You can have as many as you like.” Lord, please don't let me come on too strong and scare him away. “Have you ever been to Vacation Bible School, Jason?”

Jason's eyes sparkled. “Yeah! Nana use'ta bring me every summer. It was great.” The sparkles quickly faded. “Mom's too busy, though.”

“Would you like to come with me next week?” Willa asked. “I asked your mom this morning and she said it's ok.” Please Lord, let him come with me.

“Really? You're going?”

“Yup. I go every year and I'd love for you to go with me.” Willa passed the cookie plate. “You want the last one?”

Jason took the cookie, his eyes never leaving Willa's. “Next week?”

“Yup. All week.” Willa smiled.

“Will they teach me about Jesus?” Jason asked, hope filling his eyes.

Willa's heart squeezed. “Yes, they will. Do you know Jesus?”

“I wanted ta ask Him inta my heart last year, but I didn't get to 'cuz the the teacher didn't ask if anyone wanted to.” Jason buried his toes in the grass.

“Honey, asking Jesus into your heart is something you can do anywhere.” Lord, please save him.

“Really? Do you know Jesus, Willa?”

“Yes, Sweetie, I do, and I know He loves you. Did you know He died on the cross for your sins?”

“That's what the teacher said. An' she said that we'd go to hell because we're sinners. Willa, I don' wanna go ta hell. I wanna be with Jesus.” Jason's fingers clenched, squishing his forgotten cookie.

“Jesus will forgive your sins if you ask Him to, Jason. He'll live in your life and make you His special child. You just need to ask Him.” Please, Lord...

“How do I ask Him?”

“By praying.”

“Can I pray now?”

“Yes, you can,” Willa said, her eyes filling with tears.

Jason squeezed his eyes shut. “Jesus would You forgive my sins and live in my life, please? I wanna go ta heaven an' be with You. Amen.”

Jason looked at Willa, his eyes sparkling. “I'm His special child now, aren't I?”

Willa hugged him. “Yup. You're oh-so special, Honey! To Jesus and to me.”


I'm so glad you could join us for Fiction Friday, whether you're posting fiction or reading--or both. If you're posting, put a link to us here at Patterings, and add your name and url address to the Mr. Liknky gadget. If you're reading, enjoy the stories!

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  1. What a special story. So tender with just the right message. And what a great way to talk to a kid about Jesus--over milk and cookies? ;)

    Thank you for serving at VBS. Many of my childhood memories are there, and you ARE making a difference!

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Love this special story! I also have many fond memories of VBS and was offered the opportunity to accept Christ through those classes, too. We never know whose heart we're reaching when we serve His children in this way!

  3. Anonymous4:07 PM

    This is a great story. I love it.

  4. I remember this story, Peej. I'm not sure I knew you at the time, though. Love it. You are such a gifted writer and teacher. God is really using you powerfully for His Kingdom, girlfriend!

  5. I remember this one too. I think all VBS workers will be surprised at the gorgeous crown the Lord has waiting for them, the impact they made for Him over those "simple" things like milk and cookies.

    This one is just like I'm at the table too!

  6. This was better reading it the second (or third, or how ever many times I've read it LOL) around. The interspersing of her thoughts is especially evocative. LOVED it!


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