This past week has been busy and I've spent hours in front of my computer staring at (seemingly) the same thing over and over again. It's not been the same thing, but there's been absolutely no variation in the format. My eyes are weary and blurry and I've increased the print size on my monitor in an effort to help me focus.

That doesn't ever happen to God. His vision is perfect, He never loses His ability to focus nor does His sight become blurry. And I'm always in His sight. In fact, the Bible says I'm the apple of His eye. That's such a comfort to me. His eyes never grow weary and His love never wavers. What an awesome God!

But what does He see? Does He see a daughter spending time with Him and wanting to please Him or does He see willful disregard and disobedience?

In John 1:38 Jesus asked Andrew and another of John's disciples what they were looking for, and they responded by asking Him where He was staying. They wanted to be with Him. Not only that, but Andrew went and told his brother, Simon Peter, that he had found the Messiah and Peter went along. That day they spent with Jesus changed their lives. Do I have that desire to simply be with Jesus? Do I point others to the Messiah like Andrew did?

Lord, give me a longing for You that only grows greater, and use me for Your glory, for You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Being close to Jesus... I pray that others can tell I've been with Him.
    Peej, you are a good wife and mother. It's not an easy job, but it's so rewarding.

  2. Peej, I know the time I spend with Jesus is life-changing so I wonder why I don't make sure it happens more often? Duh! Great little devo, Kiddo! Love you!

  3. Yes, my sentiments exactly. You always have a way of hitting me right where I am spiritually. That's the power of God!


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