Blogging Workshop

Coming to a location near you...
if you live in Southern Illinois or thereabouts.  ;-)

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015. 
Time: 10-2ish 

Part One:
Blogging Basics--the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

  • What exactly is a blog? (It's not just a blog!)
  • Do you need a blog? 
  • Why do you need one anyway?
  • Who's your audience?
  • What do you write about?
  • Where do you blog?
  • How do you do it?

Part two: 
Build a Blog! Hands on building, not just theory. 
(Bring your computer! Internet provided.)
Time: 12-2ish

Cost: FREE! (lunch details coming)

Where: 1522 North Main, Benton, IL. (The old True Value building on Rt. 37, on the north side of town.)

Feeling called to write? Want to learn some basics that will help your writing and lay a foundation you can build on? Blogging is more than it first seems but it doesn't have to a dizzying, scary ride. 

I've taught blogging and platform classes several times, online and at small conferences. If you're interested in joining us at the workshop or have questions, let me know. I'd LOVE to see you there!! 

Everyone is welcome, and feel free to share this with friends!! :)


  1. Wish I were closer!

    1. I wish you were too! It'd be fun to meet you!!! =]

  2. Love that we're getting to do this! Tons of fun with lots of info!! Can't wait! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Shelley! Looking forward to it. =]

  3. As usual, SO wish I lived nearby! It's gonna be a fabulous class, folks!

    1. I wish you did too!! Last time I taught this in person YOU were sitting in the front row! sigh. I'll miss you!

  4. Your blogging workshops are the best! I would so love to be there. If only...


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