Hard to Get

Toby likes to play hard to get with me. He'll look at me and watch me, then, as soon as I look his way, this is what he does...

Monkey Monday at Patterings

He quick looks away and ignores me.

He makes me feel so special.
*eye roll*

So tell me, do you have a pet that plays hard to get with you?


  1. OUr guinea pigs love to be held, but HATE to be taken out of their cage. When that hand comes toward them, they run away and hide. Every time!

    Glad you graced your blog with Toby's mug today. Love that guy (and his owner!).

    1. Guinea pigs are so cute, Joanne! Funny that they like to be held but want to stay in their cage. Maybe it's their security?

  2. My father had a German shepherd that would watch him eat (wanting a bite), but when my father would look at him, the dog would pretend he was totally innocent.
    "Nope, I'm not begging."

    1. Oh, Vonnie. That's too funny!! A big German Shepherd doing that? That cracks me up. =]

  3. My cat, Lilybits, likes to play hide and seek with me--she hides
    and I seek. She also likes to sometimes tease me and casually
    walk across my lap, when she knows I want her to sit with me,
    but that's a cat for you!


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