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Residents of The Nut House...

My husband and younger boys.

My daughters.

Me and Toby.

Below is my oldest, playing with one of his toys.

Yup. That's all of us.
Some of us in our normal state and
some of us in our goofiness
and for some of us, goofiness is our normal state.

Not that I would ever mention any names...
but a picture is worth a thousand words.

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  1. Easier to laugh yet there are so many who does not know how to. Living in a family that wants to have fun is the gift of hard work.

  2. Love it! I think anyone who has kids lives in a Nut House. Then you get to start over when you get grandkids! LoL! Just think of all the memories you're creating. ;-]

  3. OH my gosh you havew a monkey???? I want to come visit!

  4. LOVE your family. Every one of them. Even the ones I haven't actually "met" yet. Fun pictures!


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