When I looked out the window awhile ago, this is what I saw.

The trees where shining. The sun had peeked through the heavy clouds and was making all the ice encrusted trees glisten. It was beautiful, especially with all the dark, stormy weather we've been having.

But yanno, the sun often peeks out and shines on the trees like it did. What made it so noticeable and beautiful was the coating of ice on each and every branch and twig. The ice that was a big part of the storm. The ice that was weighing down the tree limbs and rattling with every hint of a breeze. Without the ice there would have been little beauty—just winter trees in a patch of sunshine.

So often when storms overtake our lives we cry out because of the ice that seems to coat us and weigh us down. When a breeze goes past we rattle, thinking only of uncomfortable and heavy the ice is. Yet when others look at us they may see the radiance of the Son shining off us and through us. Sometimes we need the ice to reflect the Son.

Heavenly Father, help us keep our eyes so fixed on You that when the ice comes into our lives we wait eagerly for the Sonshine so we can sparkle and dance for you. Help us to accept the ice and shine for You so that beauty can come from the storms. In Your Son's Name, amen.


  1. Amazing insight, Peej. You made me ant to cry. Or maybe it's the ice meltin g in the Son.

  2. Patti, this reminds me of a day when a refrigerator repairman was in our home, working on the frig while I did some sewing at the table. He remarked about what a crummy day it was, and I knew he was referring to the weather. However, when I looked outside, all I could see was beauty - it was so amazing with the ice encasing all the trees and the sunshine showing them off. I thought at the time the very different viewpoints reflected the very different attitudes inside... I have held on to that memory for years now.

  3. What a great image, and reminder, Peej. Love it!

  4. What a great insight!

    I want to shine for my Lord.

  5. Country living does bring an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds. You have a God-given sensitivity for that beauty, and you give equally beautiful insights.


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