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I've been a busy beaver this week! And I can't wait to tell you all about it...But I will. At least until next Monday.


I can't wait.
*eye roll* I'm too excited about this to wait that long. hehe. SO, I'm gonna make YOU wait until Monday. hehe.

Here's the deal. I love doing the author spotlights. Love it. But it's a lot of work and it cramps my posting style and my focus here at my personal blog. So, we (my assistant daughter, Esther and I) decided to move them to the Barn Door which was a great idea, except for the fact that we had people interested in joining us there and the spotlights took up two days each week. So then we moved them to Reflections in Hindsight. As Lisa and I tossed ideas around, I had the brainstorm of a Book Loft as a sister site to The Barn Door. I was so excited I about did a happy dance here in my corner of the living room!

Starting this coming Monday, author spotlights and book giveaways, just like I used to have here, will be posted at The Barn Door Book Loft. That's Each week there's at least 2, usually 3, authors and their books spotlighted and given away. LOL. A copy of their book will be given away, not the authors themselves cuz we want them to keep writing books! ;-)

Joanne, the other half of my brain and a bff, has set up a Facebook page for the Book Loft for us and if you don't want to forget and possibly miss a book, you can subscribe to the Book Loft by email, by clicking here!

There. I feel SO much better! =] This is like having my cake and eating it too. And not only that, but the author spotlights finally have a home of their own. =]

Now, since I'm soooooo nice (I heard you laughing!) here's some fun to hold you over until next Monday:
Book Giveaways! 

Faith's Reward by Tammy Barley
 Meet Tammy Barley
an interview with Tammy Barley

A Path Less Traveled by Cathy Bryant:

Sarah's Christmas Miracle by Mary Ellis:

Be sure to visit those links and leave comments to be entered in the book giveaways!

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