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‘Leanna Ellis takes a back seat to no one,’ says Debbie Macomber.

But Leanna hopes she allows God in the driver’s seat as she taxies her two children to and from all their activities, lets her menagerie of pets in and out … in and out ..., figures out what to cook for dinner (or where to order takeout), and at the same time keeps those wacky characters in her head from bothering others.

Winner of the National Readers Choice Award, Leanna writes quirky women’s fiction along with an upcoming Amish/vampire series, now that’s wacky!

You can find Leanna online at her website



A ‘can do’ kind of woman runs her own business, raises her teenage daughter, and takes care of her ex-mother-in-law after a botched facelift. But Kaye learns a facelift is more than skin deep. Joy is more than tacking on a happy face. It's relying on her sovereign God who has a plan for her life.
Facelift…it’s more than skin deep.

Here's an excerpt of Facelift:

Once upon a time implies a fairy tale is about to unfold, something lush and grand and mythical, something with a happy ending. But the brothers Grimm had a twisted sense of humor and, as it turns out, “once upon a time” is actually literary gobbledygook for “impending doom.”1

They weren’t called Grimm for nothing.

In tale after tale, “once upon a time” invariably precedes certain disaster. Just ask Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty. They’ll back me up on this. Those innocuous few words are the harbinger of cursing fairies, parental fatalities and death marches into dark forests for the near perfect princesses. Not that I consider myself a fairy princess by any stretch of the warped imagination, or even remotely close to perfect, but like those fair, aforementioned ladies, my own story begins with “once upon a time.”

If I’d only been given a five-minute warning.

Doom comes to call for me on a warm autumn day, when the grass is still green and a slight breeze ruffling the yet-to-turn-brown leaves. No letter from the IRS arrives. No mammogram shows an area of concern. God doesn’t send a lightning bolt to strike my house. The announcement comes in the form of Darth Vader’s theme song amplified in the confines of my Volvo. The ominous tune marches out of my cell phone with determination and self-importance, the perfect reflection of the one calling, and prickles the hairs at the base of my neck.

To download the first chapter of Facelift, visit Leanna's website.

You can purchase Facelift from CBD, for your Kindle and from Amazon:

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  1. Amish/Vampire? Oooohhhh my! And this one sounds ENTIRELY too fun. ENTIRELY! Love the trailer.

    PLEASSSEEEE enter me!

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Sounds great! I love having these opportunities to possibly win a new book; but best of the all the suggestions to put on my to read list!
    Thanks, HL

  3. I've definitely added this to my to be read list.

  4. a great posting...thanks for the chance to read leanna's latest :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  5. Facelift looks good.

  6. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for the chance.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net


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