Are You Glowing?

Fall has hit southern Illinois and the leaves are all changing color. It made me wonder how my leaves look when they turn. Am I a joyless brown? A mediocre mustard? I hope not! I want to be like the Sugar Maples--glowing with God in my life. It's made me stop and make some adjustments in what I'm doing so that I can have beautiful color in the season changes of my life.

In other news:
I'm posting today At the Well and I'd love to have you join me there for Beauty and the Beast!

And we have 3 book winners!
Carole is the winner of Trish Perry's book, The Perfect Blend.
Sunny has won DeAnna Dodson's book, Letters in the Attic, and
Joanne is the winner of Lena Nelson Dooley's book, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico.

Hey, there's a word I like in the fall... Golden. Golden is good in the fall. So are red and orange! Makes me want to drive down South Main and check out the Sugar Maples...

How about you? 
Are you doing what you need to so you glow beautifully when seasons in your life change?


  1. Love the beautiful colors this time as well!



  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Woot! Thanks!

  3. Love the golden glow of autumn! Great reminder to make sure our glow is shinning bright to draw others to Him!!


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