Feeding Frenzy

I love this time of year, but it's a bitter-sweet. See, hummingbirds fascinate me. Each year I put out my feeders and watch for the first hummer to appear and write down the date on the card I have my hummer feed recipie on. (A recipie card for hummer feed—something so simple to make? Yes! Because every winter I forget how much sugar to use.) Then I enjoy watching the hummers all summer. They delight and amaze me!

Once September slips in, I know I have to keep a close eye on my feeders because the feeding frenzy starts as the hummers tank up for the migration south. Our resident hummers grow plump and those already migrating stop for a layover at our feeders and things get busy out there.

You know, we always have a few hummers that like to horde the feeder and keep the whole thing for themselves. They'll sit on top of the feeder and scare off any others that come for feeding. Don't they realize I won't let the feeder run dry? That there's plenty for everyone? I wonder if they whine about how lonely they are or how they never seem to really connect with anyone on a close personal level...

It reminds me of some Christians at the wonderful, never-gonna-run-out feeder of God's grace and salvation. Some of us try to horde it, keeping it all to ourselves. Some seem to chase off others as they come to feed. And some simply settle in to eat with the others, peacefully, even enjoying the fellowship and inviting others to join them.

It's made me stop and think about how I want to be and evaluate how I am. It's also made me think about whether or not I'm hitting the feeder of God's Word enough to enable me to complete my journey well. Those hummers don't just take a sip and expect it to carry them through. They keep coming back and coming back and coming back. They tank up. Am I tanking up? Repeatedly?

So how about you? Are you hogging the feeder or inviting others to join you? And are you hitting the feeder of God's Word enough to carry you across the miles you have to go?


  1. thanks, Peej...I needed this.

  2. What a reminder! Drink in - and deep! And share. Thanks.

  3. Wow! I love the direction you went with this one!
    I agree with Vonnie, I needed this!! Hugs, Rita

  4. Barb Culler9:52 AM

    I love that bottom photo of all the hummers! Motivates me to put a feeder out.

  5. Anonymous11:49 PM

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