Go Knee-First

I've been reading about Abram—what a man of faith he was! God said leave home and go—and Abram did, even without knowing exactly where. But what really stood out to me as I read these chapters this time is that his walk of faith was not without bumps. There were times when he was not walking in faith, but God was faithful even through those times.

The famine in the land of Canaan sent him running to Egypt rather than running to God. Egypt plagued him and caused problems for him for the rest of his life. It was there he acquired more animals—which later caused problems between him and Lot. Not only did Abram acquire animals in Egypt, but what nationality was Hagar, the mother of Ishmael? Egyptian.

So why did Abram go to Egypt when God had sent him to Canaan? Because of not trusting God. The Bible doesn't record Abram asking God what he was to do (go or stay), nor does it record Abram asking God to supply their needs. It appears that Abram used only his head and not his knees. Ouch. How often do I do that? This is a pattern that repeats itself in Abram's life. He looks to human ways to solve life's circumstances and problems.

This something that we can relate to. We see something that needs to happen, or to be done, and we get busy making it happen. We use the heads God gave us and we figure out how to take care of the problem, without stopping to remember that we need to use our knees before we use our head.
Is anything too difficult for the Lord? ~Genesis 18:14

When we're busy doing and fixing, we often forget this important fact. Nothing is too difficult for the Lord. When we remember that, we're more likely to hit our knees before hitting the road. When we remember that, we're more likely to hit our knees and not end up holding our heads in pain and shame.


  1. Patty, you have ministered to my heart this morning with these words. Thank you for sharing this perspective. You are so right that Abram often took matters into his own hands...and we can learn from both his triumphs and his mistakes.

  2. Thank you Ms. Patty for telling me why I have such a headache! :)


  3. What continues to amaze me is that despite Abram's failings, God used him in huge ways... because of his faith.

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I needed to hear this today. Big time.

  5. Abram is such an amazing model - AMAZING. I agree that his faults are as encouraging as his strengths. Thank you, my dear, for reminding me to pray FIRST.

  6. And sometimes when we do pray first, but don't see results or expected outcomes, then we jump in with the head... and proceed to mess things up. Thankful today God loves me anyway.

  7. I almost clicked on this devo yesterday, but boy, was it the right timing today. You have no idea! What an anointed post.


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