ACFW's At-Home Conference

For years I've been part of ACFW and each year I watch the conference come and go. Since joining, most of the conferences have been so close to home that it made not attending that much harder. But the time hasn't been right yet, and I'm good with that.

One thing that's made staying home easier is the At-Home Conference that Karin Beery and Tiffany Colter host online. I've been able to catch a few sessions here and there even when I was super busy, and I've been able to teach, too. It's always such a treat.

Why is the At-Home Conference so cool?

  • It gives those not attending the ACFW Conference and the sessions there a chance to learn. Each year Karin rounds up a great crew of teachers who present lessons on many different aspects of writing.
  • We can fit the At-Home conference into our own schedules, without leaving home or what we're doing. The lessons are sent via email so we can read, study, and apply them even if it's in the middle of the night or the baby's teething. 
  • The At-Home conference offers a chance to connect with other writers--a virtual meeting. This year they're doing a Facebook group so we can chat and interact, asking questions, sharing what we've learned, and encouraging each other. That connecting and networking is often what makes attending a conference extra special, so being able to do some of the same even though we can't go is a great bonus!

When is it?

This year the At-Home Conference will be offering four classes a day Thursday, September 25 through Saturday, September 27.

Some of the classes...

  • Moving to the Next Level: a Judge's POV
  • Writing Great Dialogue
  • When You're Stuck - Fun Ways to Unlock Your Creativity
  • Cooking Up a Novel Without a Recipe
  • Writing Crime Right: Ensuring Accuracy in Your Crime and Suspense Stories
  • Rx for Writeritis: Remedies for Literary Ailments
  • Creating Speaking Topics and Bible Studies From Your Fiction
  • Deep POV
  • Using Social Media for Building Brand Image
  • Your Characters' Personalities and You
  • The Forgotten Art of Line Editing
  • Clearing the Blog Fog  -- I'm teaching this one! ;-)

I have to tell ya, I'm really looking forward to some of those!

Check out who's teaching these classes!

How can you attend the ACFW At-Home Conference?

  • Members of ACFW can sign up here. If you attended last year, it will say you've already registered, but you will need to update your information. Click the 'update' option and proceed with registration.
If you can't attend the ACFW conference in St. Louis, join us for the At-Home Conference. In addition to the great list of classes, there's also more than a dozen donated books and items that will be given away at the end of the event.

For more information, head to the At-Home Conference site.

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  1. Reading the first lessons now! Can't wait to get further in!


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