Open and Willing

Confession: The word focus can give me the heebie-jeebies.
No, not the focus on a camera, although I’ve been known to have trouble with that too. I’m talking about the word focus when it comes to blogs.

I’m kinda auditing Edie Melson’s course on blogging. I love Edie’s teaching and always learn something from her. She really knows those fine points, those little details that I love discovering, so that’s why I’m buzzing through her lessons and some of the responses. I want to learn. I want to stay somewhat on top of what I love and do.

But of course there’s that focus word…
How things look with the wrong focus!
I knew I’d see it. I expected it and was braced for it.
But I still wasn’t prepared for it.

After reading through several lessons, I had to leave the computer. I needed space and time to think.

What’s my focus here?
That led to… What’s the focus of my life? That one was easier. Obedience. I want my life to bring glory to God.

Does that tie in to my blog?

I thought about the things Edie told us to—LoL, the very same things I’ve taught on here…
I thought about posts and comments and what others have told me in relation to my blog because I care about my readers and their thoughts and what they like and don’t.

And I kept coming back to how my personal focus affects and ties into my blog focus.
Is it a platform? After all, platform is often a key reason for blogging. No. In many ways, I don’t really care about a platform. I mean, if God wants me to stand in a corner and whisper to myself, I’ll do that.

Then I stop and think about THAT.

I’ve pulled away from my online commitments—the blogs I contributed to, and dearly love. This year could be a year of silence for me. I thought about Amy Carmichael, who spent time in silence, not that she chose to but because God chose it for her. I could be lining up for a modern version of that. Could I…would I…accept that?

Another thing some friends have been chatting about is letting go.

Am I willing to let go of my voice here on my blog?

I recently unclenched my hands—letting go of those online commitments. Sometimes it feels like my hands are empty even though they’re still so very busy.

Now it’s time to be open to the things God puts in my hands.

Even if that is silence.

My point is this:

Am I willing to be obedient even if it means silence?

What about you? Are you staying open and willing to what God has for you this year?


  1. Thanks Patty for this bolg. Lately you've been echoing my own heart and raising the same questions God has been raising for me.

    I do know that silence isn't an option for me at this point though because God has invested a lot of healing into helping me find my inner voice. I think this coming year, he will be strengthening it and helping me to use it more effectively for him. Woohoo!

    Praying for you as you wrestle with these things as well.

    1. I love that--using your inner voice more effectively for Him. YES!!

      You've been such an encouragement to me, Bonnie. Thank you! Praying for you as you use your voice. =]

  2. Wow, Patty! From reading your blog, to reading Bonnie's comment, I think there are many of us who are in the same boat! I've been seeking answers to the same questions, too. And the next post on my website will cover that.

    I'm like Bonnie though, I don't think silence is an option for me either. God healed me of many things so this year may just be a year of strengthening my assets & using what He has given me more effectively. Thanks for blog! I know you're helping so many!


    1. Shelley, I LOVE how God sends us what we need, when we need it--in a way that we get! ...whether for direction, confirmation, comfort, or reassurance.

      Willingness to do whatever it is He's calling us to is key. If we aren't willing we lose or miss out on our usefulness. That's sobering for me...

  3. Definitely thinking. I don't know the answer - I'd LIKE to think I'd do anything if He directed me, but I'm being honest here. I don't know. Praying.

    1. It's sooooo easy to say "Yes! I'll do anything." We WANT to do anything but it isn't always easy carrying out those things. I'm glad that God gives us the grace we need, when it's time, to do those things. Maybe that's where faith comes in...being willing to take that big breath, say YES, step out in obedience and know God's grace will be there as we step out.

      May we be ever more willing this year!!

  4. So happy I popped by today. Your post really makes me stop to think. In many ways I feel a little unfocused on my blog these days. You have given me much to think on today.


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