Because Everyone Needs Friends

Maybe January affected me more than I thought.

Maybe I missed my little lap warmer (but kittens that poop in the house lose their house privileges) and maybe I was just trying to not have to clean the turtle tank as often... Whatever it was, it's been fun. Well, once we got past the poop and dead fish stage. LoL

Our critter number has grown from Turtle, Gracie and the 2 cats and 1 kitten, FlufferNutter (isn't she adorable?) to 4 new residents in the turtle tank.

See, it's Turtle's fault. If we weren't given a turtle 1.5 years ago, none of this would have started and we'd simply have Gracie and the cats...

But everyone needs friends!

The newest friends for turtle? Yoyos! (The skinny silver fish resting on his leaf hammock.) Oh. my. goodness. I love those things! We started out with one (this one) and he delighted us with his antics so I googled his breed: yoyo loach, and learned they like to be with friends. So I had to buy a couple more because everyone needs friends and I want happy yoyos because happy yoyos are characters and full of personality. So far we've seen them cleaning the tank (ahem, that's their official purpose), cleaning turtle's back and head (he didn't like it when they tried cleaning his eyeball. Huh. Imagine that), playing  tag and taking naps on their sides! These critters are crazy. And that's why I love them.

Since FlufferNut has been banned from the house, she thinks her life is over. She loves perching on shoulders (so does her sister who lives with Abby's classmate. What's with that?) and she crawled inside my middle son's hood today. They both loved it! Because they're friends.

(See the background? That's all the rain we're getting instead of ice. SO thankful!)

And that's the tale of my critters and what happens when Patty grows tired of hovering near the window to see if the rain has turned to ice while her kids were going back and forth to the college campus.

So, from a wet, but wonderfully ice-free very-Southern Illinois, Turtle and I wave good night to my friends in blogland.

The last one to bed feed the Yoyos.


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Big GRIN!

  2. Smiling with lots of love!

  3. Adorable! We have a house full of too many critters :) And a few naughty kitties who also do not come in.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  4. Such a fun post!! And chock-full of cuteness. We SO need to get us a furry friend (maybe tomorrow if the weather allows!).

  5. I need to tell my daughter about those fish that like turtles. We are turtle sitting for her right now because her new apartment is too small. Well, actually, Nik's turtle sitting. Every once in a while I go upstairs and rejoice that they're still alive. phew.

    I love seeing your animals. Those will be part of your kids memories when they are grown:)

  6. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Very enjoyable! Dan


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