Start Seeing...

We've all seen bumper stickers like this. Well, last fall, on one of our zillion trips out of town, I saw a little sign tacked to a telephone pole that said Start seeing tractors. I had to laugh because only in small town, rural USA would you ever see a sign like that. Well, what do you know but I saw several tractors on our way home that trip. That's not unusual, though. What was unusual was that I actually stopped to realize that I saw them. Tractors are so part of the landscape around me that I no longer notice them, let alone look for them.

I will stand on my guard post and station myself on the rampart; and I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me... ~Habakkuk 2:1, NAS

How many times are we not seeing what's going on around us? God sends blessing after blessing our way, but do we recognize them and give thanks for them? He sends more than “just” blessings, too. He sends provision, help, joys... so many things, but it's up to us to notice them. He seldom clobbers us over the head and demand our attention. He often simply whispers to us in the daily, ordinary things of life.

Let's be like Habakkuk and keep watch for God at work in our lives. I bet we'll start seeing things we never noticed before.

Let's start seeing Jesus!


  1. Amen Patty!!

    Lord, help us to have yes to see and ears to hear the things You are showing us in these days.

    We want to see more of You †

  2. Thank you for this reminder to see Him in everything! Hugs, Rita

  3. Great thought, Peej!
    God is working all around us; we just need to see Him.


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