To Run Smooth

These last two weeks I've rediscovered just how essential my daytimer is to my life--at least if I want my life to run smoothly. Without my daytimer open, filled in and close at hand I tend to wander aimlessly and forget more things than I remember. Little things, big things. My brain turns into a sieve and only holds whatever is right in front of me at the moment. It's not a good way to live. It leaves me feeling harried, stressed and scatterbrained. All of which are not things I like feeling!

So today I've pulled out my handy-dandy daytimer and I'll be filling in the things that need writing down and holding on to it, making sure it's close at hand. That's today's goal.

There's something even more important than my daytimer, though. It's my time spent in God's Word. Without that continual refreshment I become dry and dusty enough to rival the Sahara Desert. Without my time spent with God, I fall apart even more.

Summer schedules tend to trick us and make us think we can coast—and we can, for a short time. If we let ourselves coast for too long life goes downhill fast. My short time of coasting has come to an end. I may run a lighter schedule for another week or so, but I'm making sure the framework stays firm and that the essential things get done.

This week's winner of Margaret Daley's book is Linda. In her comment Linda said, “Margaret is the lady who introduced me to the world of this genre of books by contacting me about being at the MOA in 2008. If not for her, I'd never have opened my horizon of books. She is one neat lady inside and out. Thank you, Margaret!” I've heard similar stories from others, also. What a great example and help she is to us! Thanks so much, Margaret. And congratulations, Linda!


  1. Such a good reminder, Peej. Praying for your daytimer AND your time with the Lord! (I know what a difference it YOUR life, of course! :P)

  2. Isn't this the truth! I just had a similar talk with myself. ; )

  3. What a great reminder!! Thanks for the encouraging post! I sure enjoy your blog!
    Cindy :)

  4. Thank you for that! How true it is! You have inspired me to pull out my day planner & start using it again. It is so true that when you don't spend time with God....things just start going to pot. I need my time with Him to keep me going. He gives me strength to do & get through things that I otherwise don't think I would handle with the grace that I have been able to. I know it's only through my faith that I have been as strong as I have through the difficult stuff that our family has been dealing with (My FIL went into full cardiac arrest when we were in FL visiting & has been in ICU ever since). The wonderful blessing in my FIL's illness is that my husband made the decision to accept Christ & be baptized! God has shown me so much through all of this!!


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