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I'm doing blog and website design and would love to customize a site for you. (Scroll down for pricing.)

I designed my own site, as well as these:

The name Patty Wysong is music to my ears. Such a patient kindhearted soul to put up with a non-techy person as I. I doubt that there would have been any other to tackle my job.

I had a basic idea and Patty explained how it could be done and what limitations I would have for the site I wanted built. I would send Patty different back grounds or fonts and she would plug them in, let me see and tweak it so it would be perfect.She was never farther away than my keyboard or telephone. We spent time on the phone while at the keyboard refreshing pages and adjusting things just so.And she introduced me to so many other really cool things.

I have the utmost confidence in Patty’s ability. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she will figure it out. She always returned my emails and phone calls the same day. I rested in her ability.I have no hesitation to recommend Patty’s creativity and work ethic to anyone.

She helped me with my first project, my book – 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary, she helped me with my new site and she will be the only one I contact for any other project I have. ~Diane Loew  A Farm Wife

Patty's services to Clash of the Titles have been invaluable! She's fast, friendly, and she knows her stuff. Patty worked tirelessly on the COTT to make it exactly to our specifications. It looks (and works!) better than we ever could have hoped. Patty rocks!
~April Gardner
Clash of the Titles

For someone like me, who is pretty much a technological airhead, Patty was a God-send. Not only did she create a beautiful and professional-looking blog and coordinating website, she was a joy to work with and exercised more patience than I deserved. I so appreciate Patty and highly recommend her services. You won't be disappointed.
~Lynda Schab

After being thoroughly impressed by what Patty Wysong can do with just an idea for a community Web site and blog in the winter of 2011, I asked my church to hire her to rebuild our bulky website at a free hosting site. She was very gracious and professional and did the work necessary to get our domain name transferred from the expensive registrar to one more suitable to our budget and adaptable to the free hosting site in a timely manner. Her skill at showing me the possibilities of the new site and working with me to provide a useful church Website are highly recommended. --Lisa J Lickel

Contact me any time for quotes and ideas. (Patty at PattyWysong dotcom)

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